2012 PCK Summit

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The 2012 PCK Summit in Colorado Springs is wrapping up today after a highly successful weeklong series of presentations, critical questions, and groundbreaking discussions. The Summit is a small, working conference bringing together international science education researchers who are studying pedagogical content knowledge (PCK).

Further advancement in the field requires that researchers attend to the considerable divergences in the interpretation and understanding of PCK and clarify distinctions between different, viable models of PCK.

Summit researchers have explored current models and methods for capturing PCK and worked to create a unified model of PCK that can be used to inform measurement tools and future research agendas.

We recognize that there are many more researchers interested in PCK than we were able to invite, so please consider this your invitation to share in our work!

To access a wealth of information about the Summit, visit pcksummit.bscs.org. Here you will find a complete list of participants, expanded papers, presentations, and overviews of research programs.