• National Institutes of Health (NIH) supplement
  • Will contain a teacher’s guide, interactive web activities, copymasters, and a rich teacher background section
  • Lessons are aligned to the National Science Education Standards and were successfully field tested in diverse classrooms across the United States
  • Funding source: National Institutes of Health Office of Science Education (NIH OSE)

BSCS Science Educator Mark Bloom is leading a team that is currently developing Allergies and Scientific Inquiry: An Innovative, Online Module for Middle School.

This NIH-supported curriculum resource will provide students and teachers with an engaging environment in which to learn about the science of food allergies and the science practices associated with an inquiry approach.

Dr. Bloom says, “The curriculum will enhance understandings about the causes, diagnoses, and management of food allergies, as well as the importance of medical research to the development of new therapies.”

A research study of the instructional materials will assess student content understanding, changes in attitudes toward others who have food allergies, and interest in biomedical careers.

The Allergies resource will be available at no cost in 2015.