Biological Perspectives

  • A one-semester course designed for students and faculty in introductory college biology courses
  • Third Edition | © 2006
  • Components include the student edition with interactive CD-ROM, The Commons: An Environmental Dilemma

Biological Perspectives emphasizes the big picture of biology by highlighting concepts, using relevant examples and familiar analogies that truly illustrate the concepts being discussed, and by using an informal tone and short vignettes that introduce and provide context for the biological content that follows. Important vocabulary terms and details are also included, but they are identified as such and their significance within the big picture of biology is always made clear. Using this active, inquiry-based approach enables the student to learn and remember the major ideas of biology.

In this loose-leaf text, students can write in the wide margins, put the pages in a binder and insert notes, tests, and other handouts into each chapter, ask and answer questions beside the related paragraphs, and exchange any marked-up pages with study partners to share and discuss notes.

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