The Biology Teacher’s Handbook

  • Designed to support teachers as they build a culture of inquiry in their classrooms
  • Fourth Edition | © 2009 | National Science Teachers Association
  • This 338-page book consists of 19 chapters in five sections
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Since it was first released in 1960, The Biology Teacher’s Handbook has been counted among teachers’ most valuable resources. The third edition was published in 1978 and was taken out of print in the mid-1980s. The fourth edition is updated to reflect contemporary issues and current understandings of science and teaching. You will find this new edition packed full of insights into effective teaching strategies, inquiry-based instruction, course planning, and program selection.

In The Biology Teacher’s Handbook, we suggest five broad categories of questions to ask yourself, which correspond to the five sections of the handbook:

  1. What are the goals of the program for my students and me?
  2. How can I help students understand the nature of science?
  3. How do I teach controversial topics?
  4. How can I create a culture of scientific inquiry in my classroom?
  5. Where has biology teaching been, and where is it going?

The handbook includes three appendixes to assist you throughout the year: (a) National Science Education Standards for grades 9–12 Life Science; (b) Common Solutions for the High School Biology Lab; and (c) Safety Issues for the Biology Classroom.

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