BSCS Science Tracks: Connecting Science and Literacy

  • 21 modules for grades K–5 designed in four strands of science: physical science, Earth and space science, life science, and science and technology
  • Second Edition | © 2006 | Standards based
  • Developed using the BSCS 5E Instructional Model
  • Components include the Student Guide, Teacher’s Edition, the BSCS Science Tracks Handbook: A Resource for Educators, and a Materials Kit

BSCS Science Tracks: Connecting Science and Literacy is a comprehensive, modular, kit-based elementary school science program that includes a full year of instruction at each grade level, K–5. At each grade level, 1–5, there are four modules, one each in physical science, Earth and space science, life science, and science and technology. A full-year kindergarten program is integrated in one Teacher's Guide.

BSCS Science Tracks motivates students with exciting cross-curricular connections. Additional reading resources correlate with content for each module. This program provides ongoing assessment as well as additional strategies and activities that allow teachers to differentiate instruction.


Please click on unit titles below to view unit overviews.


Investigating My Senses
Investigating Myself and My Family
Investigating Here, There, and Everywhere
Using Tools to Solve Problems

Reading Level 1

Investigating Properties
Investigating Weather
Investigating Animals & Their Needs
Testing Materials

Reading Level 2

Investigating Position & Motion
Investigating Earth Materials
Investigating Plants
Designing Sound Systems

Reading Level 3

Investigating Electrical Systems
Investigating Objects in the Sky
Investigating Life Cycles
Designing Structures

Reading Level 4

Investigating Physical & Chemical Properties
Investigating the Changing Earth
Investigating Ecosystems
Solving Air Pollution Problems

Reading Level 5

Investigating Heat & Changes in Materials
Investigating Weather Systems
Investigating Human Systems
Designing Environmental Solutions

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