Curriculum Implementation

We support all aspects of grades K–12 science curriculum implementation, from selecting inquiry-based materials to enhancing the teaching of existing curriculum materials.                                                                                          

Strengthening the Implementation of Research-based Curriculum Materials

Jefferson County Public Schools

BSCS is continuing its work with high school and middle school science teacher leaders, resource teachers, and professional developers to enhance the coherence of curriculum, instruction, and assessment in Jefferson County Public Schools, Louisville, KY.

The teachers in this project are incorporating specific strategies to enhance the content storyline and student thinking opportunities in their reform-oriented instructional materials with the goal of improved student learning of science. Throughout the year, teachers will examine student work from carefully selected activities and analyze video of their practice.

The work is being led by the team of BSCS Science Educators Jody Bintz and Brooke Bourdelat-Parks, and Elizabeth Edmondson, VISTA Director at Virginia Commonwealth University.