Eva Cauet

Publish Date: 
Tue, 07/24/2012

Eva Cauet

BSCS is pleased to host Eva Cauet, a graduate student from Universität Duisburg-Essen in Germany, who is visiting BSCS for several weeks this summer. Eva has met with BSCS science educators and taken part in discussions about her study focus.

"I came to BSCS in order to get some insights into another research institute. I hope to profit from the great expertise of BSCS members in professional knowledge research and in conducting video studies in order to get some new ideas for my rating tool."

In her Ph.D. study, Eva examines the relationship between the professional knowledge of physics teachers, in-class actions, and student achievement and motivation.

"Teacher and student variables are measured with paper and pencil tests," she explains. "In order to analyze instruction, two lessons on mechanics are videotaped. For the video analysis, I use a coding manual for learning process oriented sequencing according to Oser & Baeriswyl. During my time at BSCS, I want to develop a rating tool which can be combined with the coding manual and which also takes into account the cognitive activation of the students."

Eva plans to finish her doctoral thesis in summer 2014. After that, she would like to either teach physics and mathematics at the high school level or apply for a referee position with a research related foundation.

"Both possibilities seem to be very interesting and exciting and therefore I have not figured out yet which path I will finally take," she says.