Evaluation Report for BSCS Keys to Science Institutes

  • Instructors effectively engaged teachers in both learner and teacher roles as a means of helping them understand the challenges of teaching through constructivist pedagogy.
  • Program facilitators guided teachers in analyzing their own learning, enabling them to construct deeper understandings and skills related to their classroom instruction.
  • The extension of Keys for Science Institute topics through the online forum discussions provided ongoing, participant-driven, and effective professional development.
  • This evaluation report was produced by BSCS following the 2007 Keys to Science Institutes, Colorado Springs, CO.

The BSCS Keys to Science Institute offered two programs in Colorado Springs during the summer of 2007, both of which were advertised as “content-deepening experiences,” and “high-quality professional development programs that go beyond traditional summer institutes.”

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Larson, J. O., & Stuhlsatz, M. A. M. (2007). Evaluation Report for BSCS Keys to Science Institutes. Colorado Springs, CO: BSCS.