Evolution Resources

Publish Date: 
Thu, 06/09/2011

Evolution has played an important role throughout the years at BSCS. This page provides a great list of resources for teachers interested in teaching evolution and learning more about Charles Darwin.

Colorado Evolution Response Team
A collaboration of scientists devoted to responding to inaccurate attacks on evolutionary theory. CERT website also offers articles and recommended external links.

Howard Hughes Medical Institute
The Making of the Fittest, a trilogy of short films crafted to engage students with memorable examples of the evolutionary process in action.

The National Evolutionary Synthesis Center provides a wide variety of resources surrounding the education and outreach of evolution. Explore NESCent’s vast array of resources, courses, and literature.

NSTA Evolution Resources
NSTA offers a devoted page to useful resources on the subject of evolution. Here you will find Q&A, NSTA books, news, and links to NSTA recommended websites.

NSTA Galápagos
Explore the sights and sounds of the Galápagos, and download online activities. NSTA Galápagos also provides information and resources on teaching evolution.

The American Society of Human Genetics
Resources on evolution include an interactive game that teaches the logic of evolutional trees, and evolution essays to support the teaching of evolution.

The Darwin Correspondence Project
Darwin exchanged letters with more than 2000 people during his lifetime, and The Darwin Correspondence Project provides a searchable digital library of many of Darwin’s original correspondence letters.

Understanding Evolution - University of California, Berkeley
An online resource for both students and teachers committed to the understanding of Evolution.

WGBH Interactive
Student resources on evolution including short video clips, online lessons, and an evolution library dedicated to helping students complete assignments.