Evolution and the Environment: Activities for the Classroom 2005

  • Brings to life the intimate relationship between evolution and the environment
  • Grades 9–12 | © 2005 | Standards based
  • Six major sections and 12 complete classroom activities designed to be taught in sequence
  • This activities CD is available in the BSCS eStore.

This CD contains a set of engaging activities that align with the 2005 Evolution Symposium organized by BSCS, American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS), and National Association of Biology Teachers (NABT), which brought together leading experts and provided science teachers with a general review of the philosophical issues surrounding the teaching of evolution, and a broad update on current evolutionary science content related to the environment.

Each activity contains: background information relating to scientific content, a correlation with the National Science Education Standards, a list of materials and equipment required, and all required copymasters.

Student Lessons and Activities

Part 1: The Diversification of Flowering Plants: Key Innovations and Radiations
Activity 1: A Closer Look at Cladistics
Activity 2: Step in Speciation

Part 2: The Role of Climatic Change in the Evolution of Mammals
Activity 3: Organisms and their Niches
Activity 4: Yarrow Populations and Adaptations
Activity 5: Fossils Tell a Story

Part 3: Evolution and Diversification in the Tropical Crop, Cassava
Activity 6: DNA Sequence and Classification
Activity 7: Evolving Around the World

Part 4: Amphibian Population Declines and Some Misconceptions about Natural Selection
Activity 8: Adaptive Radiation and Convergence

Part 5: Ecological Change Drives Evolutionary Diversification: A Case Study with Caribbean Lizards
Activity 9: Humans and Diversity
Activity 10: Variation within a Species

Part 6: When Humans Create Rapid Evolution by Changing the Environment
Activity 11: Insecticide Resistance
Activity 12: Superbugs: An Evolving Concern

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