Pamela Van Scotter is Senior Associate Director at BSCS. She previously served as Director of the Center for Curriculum Development, where she worked on curriculum development and professional development projects for 16 years. She oversees the work of all new curriculum projects and all revisions to BSCS core programs. In addition, she serves as the principle investigator (PI) on a National Science Foundation (NSF)-funded materials development project, BSCS Science: An Inquiry Approach, a three-year, multidisciplinary science program for high school. She is also the PI for the development of an on-line professional development course for teachers of multidisciplinary science, Across the Sciences, in collaboration with Oregon Public Broadcasting.

Previously, she was the PI for Design Studies on a Capstone Biology Course and on Multidisciplinary Science at the High School Level. Pam has been a curriculum developer for many projects, grades K–12, during her tenure at BSCS, including BSCS Biology: A Human Approach. She has worked extensively with elementary, middle school, and high school science teachers in many professional development settings. She also has three years of teaching experience at the college level and has worked extensively in the educational publishing industry.

Pam received a M.A. in Anthropology with an emphasis in Physical Anthropology and Linguistics from Washington State University.

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