One of our primary organizational goals is to generate knowledge for the science education community that will contribute to understanding how to improve the teaching and learning of science for all students.

We have developed three lines of research: nature of curriculum, teacher learning and practice, and leadership and policy.

Nature of Curriculum studies emphasize research-based characteristics of curriculum, delivery mechanisms, and the educative nature of materials; Teacher Learning and Practice studies how teachers grow professionally; and Leadership and Policy emphasizes studies about the influence of leadership and policy on stakeholders within various education systems. Collectively, these studies will generate new knowledge for the field, as well as help researchers and practitioners translate and use knowledge to inform their work.

A collection of current and past BSCS research, published and unpublished, is available here for you to read and download. Use the website search function at the top of the page or view/sort options in the three Lines of Research sections above to help you in your search.