Research on BSCS Science & Technology

BSCS Science & Technology is a multi-level, thematic program that integrates life sciences, Earth and space sciences, and physical sciences in the context of themes and issues that have meaning for science students. Using hands-on activities and an explicit BSCS 5E Instructional Model learning cycle in a cooperative learning environment, BSCS Science & Technology encourages an inquiry approach to science and aligns with the National Science Education Standards. This text also creates opportunities for students to learn skills, develop concepts, and acquire attitudes in many areas of science and technology. The three levels of BSCS Science & Technology are Investigating Earth Systems, Investigating Life Systems, and Investigating Physical Science.

Download full report | Final Report to NSF on Middle School Science & Technology

This report, generated by BSCS, was based on the need for an innovative science program designed specifically for middle schools. The program, Middle School Science & Technology, wove together a number of innovations to create an articulated science curriculum for three full years of instruction. The innovations such as an instructional model based on the constructivist learning theory, a thematic approach to science, cooperative learning, strategies to encourage the participation of underrepresented groups, alternative assessment strategies, and an emphasis on implementation and ongoing staff development allowed BSCS to meet the project goals.

BSCS. Final Report to NSF on Middle School Science and Technology. Colorado Springs, CO: BSCS.