Leadership and Policy

What does it mean to study leadership and policy?
This line of research emphasizes studies about the influence of leadership and policy on stakeholders within various education systems. One unique aspect of this line for BSCS is the study of curriculum leadership. Specifically, how does leadership at the teacher, department head, principal, curriculum coordinator, and superintendent levels influence the success of curriculum implementation for all stakeholders?

Further, in this line of research we explore the nature of effective professional development for curriculum leaders. The evaluation studies from the National Academy for Curriculum Leadership (NACL) show that the NACL model has great promise for enhancing outcomes for curriculum leaders related to improving instructional practice, understanding scientific inquiry, and developing leadership characteristics.

In this line BSCS also endeavors to influence education policy by conducting meaningful studies of key issues such as curriculum delivery platforms, content standards, assessment practices, and achievement gaps. Such studies range from small, focused studies of BSCS programs to secondary analyses of national data sets. Our primary audience is decision makers at the district level. Our goal is to provide evidence in support of high-quality science teaching and curriculum that supports and empowers teachers, administrators, and parents to make the case.

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As a way of examining the influence of national standards on the content included in textbooks, the authors of this report compared the table of contents...

The BSCS National Academy for Curriculum Leadership (NACL) is a three-year professional development program designed to assist schools and districts in...