Susan Loucks-Horsley Memorial Fund

The purpose of this fund is to support an annual employee recognition dinner in honor of Susan Loucks-Horsley, former associate director of BSCS. Susan Loucks-Horsley was known throughout the United States and Europe for her pioneering research and development work in educational change, professional development, and science and mathematics education.

At the time of her death in July 2000, she was Associate Executive Director at BSCS. Susan wanted to recognize the “good works” of the staff at BSCS
This Memorial Fund provides the resources to honor Susan’s vision via an annual staff recognition program. Your contribution will help us recognize and reward values that Susan held dear -- collaboration; caring, respect, and support for colleagues and co-workers; demonstrations of initiative and leadership; capacity for the “big picture”; and morale building.

For more information, please contact Executive Office Coordinator Aleigh Raffelson.